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Our Services

Let the talented folks at PAW Aviation assist you with your prized aviation asset. Whether it is crewing and maintaining your company jet on our 135 certificate, maintaining your pride-and-joy V-tail Bonanza, installing the latest digital avionics in your King Air, or putting a leather interior in your RV-4 while its in our shop for a condition inspection. Let PAW Aviation be your one-stop-shop for all your aviation management and maintenance needs.

Aircraft Management

PAW Aviation aircraft management specialists are experts all aspects in the pursuit of aircraft ownership and operations.

This includes partnerships, Part 91, and Part 135 ops.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our aircraft management experience has helped PAW Aviation become very savvy in the aircraft maintenance arena. You'll benefit from our years of experience helping our management clients saving time and money.

We do as much work in-house as possible, and have made a large investment in tools, test equipment and maintenance personnel training to benefit you, the client.


Probably over thirty percent of our maintenance projects are avionics installations.

This includes autopilot, GPS, ADS-B, navigation, communication, WiFi, flight displays and many other types of GA and Business Aviation equipment

We install Garmin, Avidyne, Appareo, GoGo, Aspen, and many other brands of avionics equipment.

We also test and support our installations.


Aircraft Refurbishment

Let PAW Aviation help you refurbish your aircraft interior and exterior.

PAW aviation can provide design services and the actual refurbishing services as well.

Whether its a full leather install in a Gulfstream, or a vinyl or fabric interior in an experimental aircraft, PAW Aviation can help you achieve the finish you've always dreamed about.

We finish our aircraft with Akzo Nobel Alumigrip aerospace coatings.

There is a Difference

As a savvy consumer, you obviously have many choices when it comes to choosing an aircraft maintenance provider. There is the high-overhead, huge MRO's that do great work, but don't give you the value and flexibility of smaller boutique providers. On the other end of the spectrum is the 1 or 2 man shop with an A&P/ IA, that looks like a great value until seeing what you get for your hard-earned money. We at PAW Aviation hope we are a great value and no-compromise MRO. Below are examples of how PAW Aviation rises above the others.
Very Competitive: $75/hr
25 year average AMT experience level
Always use OEM current maintenance data
All safety sensitive employees are on our FAA Approved Drug Program
Tool and Equipment Calibration Program
Aviation specific management and maintenance software to increase our efficiency, which we pass along to our clients
Owner assist options
Comprehensive troubleshooting approach versus throwing parts and resources at a problem hoping for a certain result
We always quote you the client and get authorization before beginning work
Multiple locations; KPPO KMGC and 8D4. Mobile maintenance available
Most of our AMT's are also pilots. We speak everything aviation here at PAW Aviation
No Sales Tax on Aircraft Maintenance in Indiana. Thats a 7-10 percent discount right off the bat.